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 About Icmeler– A Popular Holiday Resort in Turkey

Icmeler is a municipality of its own. Is another paredise in this geography only 8 kms to the west of Marmaris. There are lots of tourist destinations in Turkey. But if you are looking for a place that’s laid back and family-friendly, then head to Icmeler. There are lots of things you need to know about  and things to do in Icmeler. And why the beach resort town continues to attract thousands of tourists year after year.

Icmeler’s Location

The quiet resort town is located at the western tip of the Gulf of Marmaris. It is where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea. It got its name from the various drinking water sources that are known to be good for the digestive system. And is around 8 km from Marmaris. The town is surrounded by hills covered with pine trees.
The resort is found in the Mediterranean, which means it is hot and dry during summer. You can expect to fall only during the winter months. Temperatures are the highest in July and August. Its peak season is between April and September.

History of Icmeler

It was a fishing village that is known to be much quieter than the neighbouring towns. The village transformed into a resort town when tourists are looking for a quieter place to spend their holidays. And that’s how the quiet fishing became a world-class tourist destination in Turkey.
In just a little more than a decade, Icmeler is changing in a lot of aspects. The good news is that most of the changes have made the town more attractive to people from all across the globe. In the past, the town was only accessible by sea. But today there’s a road from Marmaris to Icmeler that goes through the pine forests. Even with all the developments in the area, the relaxing atmosphere of a small town remains.

Outdoor Activities in Icmeler

The beach is a good place to enjoy the sun and forget about their worries in life. Icmeler beach has been awarded the International Blue Flag Award for being able to maintain the sea’s cleanliness. It is one of the best beaches in the country.
While the beach remains its main attraction, there are lots of activities that holidaymakers can do while they are here. There are various water sports for people who want to be active during their holidays. You can go scuba diving and snorkelling. And because of the calm sea in the area, it is the best place for various water sports that include parasailing and riding banana boats.
If you love nature, then you can go explore the trails between Icmeler and Degirmenyani. The 19 km trail has wonderful spots for picnics. If you want to learn about the history of the area, then head to the nearby Marmaris Castle.

Nightlife in Paradise

While Icmeler is considered quieter than Marmaris, it still boasts of a vibrant nightlife. When the sun goes down, people flock to the various clubs and bars in town. Most of them are open until the early hours of the morning. The locals are friendly to visitors and are willing to drink a beer or two with you.

Amenities in Icmeler

Icmeler has a wide range of hotels and other accommodation options. For those travelling with a small budget, there are low-cost apartments that you can rent during your stay. There are also standard hotels that offer bed and breakfast to its guests. If you have the budget, then spend your holiday in one of the luxury hotels with swimming pools and other world class amenities.
If you love shopping, then head to the Icmeler market where you can find affordable homemade crafts and other souvenir items. But if you can’t find the item that you are looking for, then head to Marmaris. The town also has a comprehensive minibus transport system that will take you to and from Icmeler.
These are the things you need to know about Icmeler. It is a nice resort town that you can visit any time of the year. It has lots to offer you that include beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, welcoming locals, and family-friendly facilities. It is the best place for your holiday in Turkey, whether you are alone or travelling with your family or friends.
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