Have Lots Of Fun During Your Holiday
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Have Lots Of Fun During Your Holiday

A holiday in Marmaris is not only about laying on the beach, sunbathing and occasionally going into the sea. If you want to have a truly spectacular, colorful, unforgettable holiday in Marmaris, there are plenty of ways to color up your vacation, have a lot of fun and make a pile of memories to keep and share with your family and friends back at home.

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Birdview Marmaris

If you’re in Marmaris, you have probably already been amazed by the beauty of this wonderful town. But would you like to see how truly spectacular the views of this town and it’s surroundings are? Then, you can try parasailing. Parasailing is a fun and safe way to get your dose of adrenaline and see the shoreline of Marmaris from a bird view hight. While parasailing, cabled to a speedboat, you’re going to be quickly flown into the air via a big parachute called parasail ( as you might have guessed from the name ‘’Parasailing’’) and towed along the seashore for 10-25 minutes. While parasailing, you can enjoy the wonderful views of Marmaris, take GoPro photos and videos and feel completely free while flying over the see.

If you don’t feel free enough cabled to a speedboat, there’s an alternative: paragliding! Paragliding is a way of flying with a parachute, using only wind. Sometimes, a small propeller is set up at the back of the flyer, to make paragliding faster, but the real paragliding techniques include finding the wind path, catching it in your paraglide’s wing and taking off. You can join a professional paragliding trainer on your adventure and fly over Marmaris almost like a bird, enjoying the silence of the skies.

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If you’re not a fan of flying high in the air and prefer some more ‘’down to earth’’ activities, while still living a fairytale, you can try visiting the sea kingdom of Marmaris. One of the ways to explore the beauties hidden deep under the sea is scuba diving. Join a professional scuba diving team to get a briefing for your safe unforgettable scuba diving session. Come face to face with the beautiful creatures, corals and plants, inhabiting the bottoms of the Marmaris’s seashore. After your scuba diving session, you can let yourself get even closer to nature and try swimming with dolphins. Psychologists say that swimming with dolphins can help relax, relief stress and clear your mind. Swimming with dolphins is also a great way of bonding with nature and getting to know these wonderful intelligent creatures.

Dive Into The Culture

After you got to see the see and the sky of Marmaris, it might be a good time to get to know the rich culture of this beautiful country. One of the best ways to end your day in Marmaris and feel yourself in an oriental fairytale is a Turkish Night excursion. Turkish Night is a mixture of traditional ottoman music, dances, food and beverages, that were forming along the way with Ottoman Empire and, after that, Turkish republic. During a Turkish Night, you can feel yourself like a real Sultan or Shahzade, who could definitely rule an empire or even the whole world. Traditional music and dances of Turkish Night will take you back in time and you’re not going to want to come back.




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