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Bodrum Turkish Bath

Do you want to feel the relaxation in every muscle of your body with a Turkish bath when you visit Bodrum? If so, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have this healthy and resting bath. Because this bath is an important part of Turkish tradition, you can feel the traditional spirit by having it. To find out more about Bodrum Turkish bath, you can check this article out.

Parts of Turkish Bath

A Turkish bath is all about relaxation. By having this body cleansing treatment, you can feel the authenticity of Turkish culture. For you to feel better and healthier, this treatment method includes a scrub massage, foam massage, and sauna. If you book your place, you will benefit from all of these massages for an adequate body cleansing section. Your commuting from and to your hotel is also covered by the tour. While this tour lasts for three hours, you can also get the other massage options, and face mask in exchange for an additional fee, if you ask.

When the Turkish bath is over, you will feel the effects of it right after the end. Besides, its effects continue for months. So, these massages are highly beneficial for both your health and well-being. By having this authentic bath, you can feel relaxed and calm at the same time.

Things You Should Do to be Prepared for the Bath

To prepare for this authentic Turkish bath, you need to be aware of the content of this body cleansing method. You should bring your swimsuits or extra underwear if you want to wear your underwear during the bath. Also, you should carry your slippers to avoid falling because of the wet floors. You can bring your camera as well. In this way, you capture these pleasant moments.

During Bodrum Turkish soap, regular soap is used. So, if your skin is sensitive and allergic to regular soap, you should carry your own soap that is appropriate for your skin. Asthma patients or heart patients, pregnant women, and children below 12 years old should avoid having a traditional Turkish bath.

Tour Schedule

The Bodrum Turkish bath tour starts with picking up from your accommodation in Bodrum. When you reach the facility, you will start to prepare for the traditional body cleansing. Before the bath, you can sit in the hot room that is covered with marbles, and enjoy the relaxing environment. Thereafter, the Turkish bath, which includes body scrub, and soap massage, begins. At the end of this bath, you will be amazed by your shining and soft skin. While you feel the relaxation immediately after the bath, it also has long-term benefits on your skin. That’s why it is considered to be a treatment method.

If you also want to feel rested, and experience an authentic bath, having Bodrum Turkish bath is a perfect idea for you. Thanks to this treatment method, you can obtain soft and shiny skin while feeling relaxed and peaceful. You can proceed with booking to experience this resting bath.






1st April-31october


2 Hours

Included in Price: Pick up from hotel or private address

Drop back to hotel or private address

Guiding services


Scrub massage

Soab massage

Excluded in Price: Drinks

Ice cream



Face mask

Foot care

Oil massage

Recomended: Swimming costume





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1 st Session:

  • Pick up:  10:00
  • Starting: 10:30
  • Return: 12:00
2 nd Session:
  • Pick up:  12:00
  • Departure: 12:30
  • Return: 14:00
3 th Session:
  • Pick up:  14:00
  • Departure: 14:30
  • Return: 16:00
4 th Session:
  • Pick up:  16:00
  • Departure: 16:30
  • Return: 18:00
5 th Session:
  • Pick up:  18:00
  • Departure: 18:30
  • Return: 20:00

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