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Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tour

One of the most beautiful and entertaining activities that can be done in Fethiye should be the Fethiye 12 Islands boat tour. Fethiye, one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean, is a frequent destination for many local and foreign vacationers every summer. You can spice up your holiday with boat tours and save many memories in Fethiye, one of the paradise holiday corners of our country. For this, as Egood Travel, we offer holiday packages that include many services together and are much more economical.


Holiday packages and Fethiye 12 Islands boat tour are offered in the summer season and are prepared based on the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Our packages are offered at the most affordable price, taking into account the quality of service. Holiday packages include many activities such as boat tours, safari tours, jeep tours and diving tours. Especially when planning a holiday, if you have many questions such as where to go, how to go, what should I do, where are the best places to visit and stay, we come into play at this point and offer you the most suitable holiday plan.




1 st April- 31 st Octorer


7 Hours

Included in Price:


Pick up from hotel or private address

Drop back to hotel or private address

Fishing line

Guiding services


Excluded in Price:

Ice cream




Swimming costume

Sun cream


Sun glasses

Snorkeling equipments




How does Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tour proceed?

You can make your holiday more colorful and collect unforgettable memories with the 12 Islands boat tour, which is one of the most popular locations in Fethiye. Fethiye, one of the most beautiful holiday locations in the world; With its clear waters, the unique harmony of blue and green, and its fascinating beauty, thousands of local and foreign tourists visit every year. You can also join this unforgettable boat tour to relieve the stress and tiredness of the whole year and to accumulate wonderful experiences. During the Fethiye 12 Islands boat tour, you can swim, sunbathe or take walks as much as you want at the stops. For lunch, delicious barbecued meat and fish, salads and various treats are served. It is your right to have a great time with animation entertainment and foam parties on the boat.


You can join this boat tour to discover the legendary beauty of Fethiye and to go on a cultural journey in different bays.


  • Two-deck comfortable boat,
  • Food service and unlimited alcoholic beverages,
  • 6 stops,
  • Transfer from hotel to hotel,
  • Guidance service,
  • Insurance,
  • Measures suitable for air conditioning and pandemic conditions in transfer vehicles are within the scope of this tour.
  • The tour runs from 10:00 to 17:00.


Our boat tour program is a boat tour that lasts 6-7 hours, where we go through the magnificent bays of Fethiye and take a break at various stops, where we offer delicious meals for lunch and guide service. During the tour, you will discover different bays and various beauties of Fethiye that we have never seen before, and you will have unique photos. You can join the Fethiye  12 Islands Boat Tour activity to have a wonderful holiday activity with your loved ones and to collect unforgettable memories.


You will discover the bays in the Gulf of Fethiye, where different shades of blue and green meet and exhibit a unique harmony, with the Fethiye 12 Islands boat tour. Our boats are comfortable and luxurious, and there are clean toilets, shower facilities, all kinds of cold and hot drinks, sun beds and umbrellas, life jackets. Everything has been thought for your comfort and all our boat tours are fully equipped. Everything has been thought of for your comfort and entertainment on our boats. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and camera before joining this amazing boat tour! By reviewing all our boat tours and holiday packages on our site, you can choose the package that suits you and make a reservation right now.


Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tour Routes

The islands to be crossed during the 12 Islands Boat Tour are:


  • Katrancı Island
  • Gocek Island
  • Yassica Island
  • Atbuku Bay
  • Fethiye Red Island
  • Yassica Island


You can enjoy swimming in the clear waters of this charming island, which is located among the 12 Islands, or you can take a pleasant walk in the magnificent nature. Your captain will determine the break times on the island according to the weather conditions.


Fethiye- Red Island


The aquatic creatures that give the island its name are redstones and rabbits. The color of the soil is red on this island where there are not many waves. You can take unique photos on this island, which has a wonderful view especially with the sunset. Admire the crystal clear sea of this famous island. You can swim at this stop or stay on the boat and sunbathe. If you are going to go swimming, we recommend you to buy your sea shoes.


Gocek Island


This perfect island with a length of 2 km has a natural harbor and is the Mediterranean Island. There are natural breakwaters around the island and the island is protected from the wind. You can swim on the island and take a walk in its perfect nature.


Fethiye Rabbit Island


If you are lucky, you can see rabbits on this island, which takes its name from the thousands of cute rabbits that live on the island. You can take pictures with cute bunnies.


Aquarium Cove


You can explore the underwater beauty by diving with sea goggles and equipment in this perfect bay. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the freedom in this stunning scenic location, one of the most perfect islands.


Boat tour is a great opportunity to get away from the crowds and swim in calmer and clearer waters in summer. With a boat tour, it is possible to spend a peaceful activity while exploring calmer coves without the race to grab a chaise lounge and noise on the beach. In addition, some bays are not accessible by land, but only by private boats. In this case, you can explore the bays that no one has seen by boat tour. Fethiye  12 Islands Boat Trip is suitable for families, couples, large groups and everyone can find something for themselves.


Fethiye, with its untouched nature and coves waiting to be discovered, and natural beauties, welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. You can also choose to join this perfect Fethiye 12 Islands boat tour to purify your body and soul, for a peaceful summer holiday and to breathe.



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