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Marmaris Private Boat trip

When choosing a tour, think of an ideal holiday. You are most likely to imagine yourself fully relaxed and enjoying the surroundings: bright colors, new sounds, and sweet smells. You definitely dream of taking your time and getting the most of every minute of your exciting journey. Still, in reality, going on a standard group tour means constant time-control as every activity is strictly scheduled. Moreover, nobody can guarantee you a good “neighborhood” on the tour  so you will probably need to be patient.

Advantages of Marmaris private boat trip

In an attempt to pay less we actually receive less than due. You deserve more. To get maximum emotions and to take delight in your holiday, go on a Marmaris private boat trip and see the difference:

● Transport: all to yourself. Comfortable and spacious automobile will be at your
service. Make yourself comfortable in the cozy salon and enjoy the ride. Set the
climate control up to your desire, get yourself a refreshing drink and share the joy
with your family and friends.

● Organize your time yourself. No matter if you like to sleep till noon – you can afford
it. Start your journey at any desired hour. On the tour, you will see stunning places of
natural beauty, legendary monuments of architecture, beautiful rural landscapes, and
unforgettable sea views. There is no need to rush: you are free to spend as much
time as you wish at any location. Focus on your feelings, not on your watch.

● Explore traditional cuisine. Opt for small local family-run taverns or famous
restaurants. Drop over a shady cafe for a cold drink. Choose any dish to your taste
and enjoy your meal in a good company. Burgers? Pizza? Anything you like, feel free
to choose your meal yourself.

All these and many other benefits are available for those who go on private tours.
Don’t miss the chance to spend one of the most memorable holidays in your life.


Everyone has an adventurous side within them, and there are times when taking a boat ride in the open seas is a great idea. However, some people are limited by the fact that they do not own a boat. This should not be a reason to not take the boat trips that you desire.

If you are looking for a private time with friends and family, Excursions- Marmaris has the best packages on double decker boats. If you are looking for boat rentals for groups, here are some things that you should bear in mind.

Consider the Season

There are some seasons, which are considered to be peak seasons for sea tourism. During these periods, boat rentals for groups tend to be quite expensive. You should make your reservation in advance so as to have the boat secured in good time. Most people hit the waters during summer since the weather is great and makes sea tourism exceptional. Weekends and holidays are the busiest times, and if you do not book in advance, you may have to postpone your boat trip.

Professional Sea Tourism

When you need a private boat trip, Excursions-Marmaris will deliver that in a memorable way. The double decker boats are private in every sense of the word and have an experienced captain and crew. As such, this allows you to have fun on the boat while the crew takes care of navigation issues. This can be ideal for a private party as you can bring your loved ones together and hit the open waters. You can choose to get the all-inclusive packages, which offers foods and drinks, among other amenities. However, you are not limited as you can choose to bring your own food and drinks.

Take Your Time

When you have hired a Marmaris private boat trip, you will have the day to yourself, and you can have as much fun as you may need. There will be no restrictions in terms of the things that you can do on the boat as long as they adhere to the safety precautions. You can have different stopovers to enjoy swimming and other water sports. The crew will not rush as there is no time limit. The main objective of a private boat trip is to ensure that you can have as much fun and memorable experiences as possible.

Various Packages

There are so many different types of boats that you can use for excursions. If you are looking for a double decker boat, you should make prior arrangements and check with the E-Good Travel company in good time. You will be advised on the different packages which are available so that you can get to choose the one that suits your needs in the best way possible.

The company offers tailored packages to suit your needs in the best way possible. You should also seek to find out the carrying capacity of the double-decker boat before. With these factors, you will definitely enjoy sea tourism on a private double-decker.

Included in Price
  • Pick up
  • Drop back
  • Local soft drinks
  • Lunch
  • Guiding
  • insurance

Excluded in Price

  • Import drinks
  • Ice cream
  • snacks


  • Swimming costume
  • sun cream
  • towel
  • sun glasses
  • snorkelling equipments
  • Money
  • Camera



The price is given for groups of minimum 10 participants. Please contact us in advance to determine the price regarding the number of your group.



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private boat trip
private boat trip
private boat trip
private boat trip

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